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Root Canal Treatment – Procedure to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes inflamed/ infected. The dental pulp (nerve and blood vessels) is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. The treatment usually requires one or two visits depending upon your specific situation. Upon completion of your treatment you will be instructed to return to your dentist to have a permanent restoration placed. root canal treatmentRoot Canal Retreatment – Procedure to repair and save a tooth that has had a previous root canal treatment. In cases that a previous root canal has failed to heal or causes pain, the previous root canal filling material is removed and the root canal spaces are cleaned and disinfected again. A previous root canal may need to be retreated in cases that have unusual anatomy, untreated nerve spaces or tooth decay.Retreatment Root Canal Surgery (Apicoectomy) – Procedure to repair and save a tooth that has had a previous root canal treatment. Generally, a tooth that continues to have persistent symptoms that cannot be corrected from traditional root canal treatment are candidates for surgery. This procedure may locate a previously undetected nerve space, an inadequately sealed canal, calcified space, or fractured root. The root end (tip of the root) and any damaged tissue are removed and a filling is placed to prevent reinfection and/or to repair the root end. The bone typically heals normal, following this procedure. endodonticsurgery Traumatic Injuries – Contact sports like football, basketball and baseball as well as biking and playground accidents are common causes of traumatic dental injuries. Teeth are often knocked out, dislodged, chipped or fractured. Treatment is dependent on the type, location and severity of each injury. In some cases a traumatized tooth may need root canal treatment. This could be caused by damage to the dental pulp or fractures and/or cracks of the tooth. An extraction might be necessary in the case of a severely fractured tooth.

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